Although I accept commissions to perform research for clients, I also enjoy collaborating with clients who prefer to do their own research but need help with designing a research plan or learning how to begin their genealogical journey.

Genealogical Research:

  • North Carolina research, primarily Forsyth and surrounding counties.
  • Online research - usually as a starting point, with image copies and citations provided.
  • Other locations covered are Bucks County, PA, Hunterdon County, NJ, Dearborn County, IN, and Hamilton County, OH. These are where my roots are so I can combine your research needs with mine.
  • Record search and retrieval.
  • Lineage Society Applications and supporting documents.
  • House, property and deed research.
  • Review of your family tree with suggestions for solid documentation and further research.
  • DNA Analysis.

Once I have reviewed the genealogical problem or question, I will draw up a research plan with estimated time and costs for review. Work is performed only upon authorization by the client.

Results of the research will be analyzed and a written report will be provided with copies of pertinent documents and suggestions for further research, if needed. As a general rule, the time necessary for analysis and reporting ranges from 1/2 to one hour for each hour of research.

Genealogical Consulting: I offer consultation on an hourly basis for review of prior work, research suggestions, research research plan design, organization of records. Contact me with any questions.

Genealogical Education: I can teach you to do it yourself.

  • Individual instruction on how to get started, how to do it yourself, and most importantly, how to do it correctly.
  • Lineage society application instruction and assistance.
  • Group workshops.
  • DNA instruction.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation. Please email or call me with any questions. No problem is too small and large ones can be made more manageable.